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  Solder Paste 
  Dispenser: SPA-3





SPA-3  Solder Paste Dispenser

Solder Paste Dispenser Solder Paste



Solder Paste Dispenser Solder Paste


The SPA-3 is now Available!

Part #: SPA-3
Includes a 22 GA (0.020" ID) 1/2" L, Dispensing Tip 

Price: $12.75


Part #:
Includes a 22 GA (0.020" ID) 1/2" L and 1" L  Dispensing Tip. The 1" Dispensing Tip is ideal for applying solder paste to hard to reach pads.  

Price: $13.50


A flat rate shipping and handling cost of $5.75 will be charged for single unit purchase (only applies to U.S.A. 48-contiguous states). Our standard shipping rate will apply if (2) or more units are purchased.

Please Note: We will only ship the SPA-3 to U.S.A. destination.

The SPA-3 is an easy-to-use, one-hand-operation Solder Paste Dispenser, shipped pre-filled with high-quality No-Clean Solder Paste, manufactured by AMTECH. Solder Paste does not require refrigeration (like other conventional products) if left at room temperature for 6 months, and has an extended 12-month refrigerated (42 to 47 F) shelf life. The SPA-3 design is the result of what we learned over the years, from building quick-turn prototype PC boards for clients. As configured, its barrel can easily be balanced and gripped by the index and middle finger, for precise positioning of dispensing tip and release of solder paste. This Solder Paste Dispenser is ideal for SMT PC-boards prototype work or re-work, or for building Kits with SMT components.
For best results, download and review the SPA-3 User's Guide.

* Depending on material availability from our suppliers, shipped SPA-3 may be slightly different in appearance  (but functionally the
  same, and with the same amount of Solder Paste) form what is shown in photos.

Limited Time offer: Purchase the SPA-3 and receive a Free SMT practice PC-board (One PC-board per order, no SMT components included). You can use this PC-board to practice your Solder Paste dispensing and SMT components soldering skills.


  • Easy-to-use, one-hand-operation, disposable Solder Paste Applicator
  • Contains enough Solder Paste to cover over 4850 SMT pads **

** Based on dispensing a bead of solder paste approx
    0.020” DIA x 0.040” Long, per SMT pad


      What is included:

  • Pre-filled Solder Paste Dispenser with approx 1cc of 63Sn/37Pb, No-Clean Solder Paste 
  • Dispensing Plunger
  • 22 Ga (0.020" ID) 1/2" Dispensing Tip
  • 22 Ga ( 0.020" ID) 1" Dispensing Tip (SPA-3A) 
  • Dispensing Tip cap (not shown)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)



SPA-3 User's Guide
Solder Paste Data Sheet
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

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