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  Bundled with Software
  Hardware only


  JT-E100K  Kit
  JT-E100B  PCB only

 M-Series Modules:

  M-28K  Kit
  M-28B  PCB only

  M-20K  Kit
  M-20B  PCB only

 Compilers and

  ImageCraft ICC430
  Quadravox AQ430



 Interface Cables:

  JTAG: IDC-14
  JTAG: FFC-10

  Parallel Port: PPC-25L

 Prototyping Tools:

  Solder Paste 
  Applicator: SPA-3






Quadravox Software Tools for MSP430 Flash Microcontrollers

The Quadravox AQ430 has all you need to start developing C programs on any of Texas Instruments MSP430 Flash Microcontrollers, at a very affordable price. The AQ430 and AQ430-xxx works with Win95/98/ME and WinNT4/2000/XP. For additional information, and to download a free, full featured, 30 day trial version of this top-of-the-line IDE/C compiler + debugger, visit Quadravox website.

msp430 AQ430, C compiler

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Overview of Features:

  • Single IDE for project building, program editing, and source level debugging
  • Unlimited C compiler, assembler, linker and librarian
  • Projects can include C, assembly, object, and library files
  • Support for inline assembly code
  • Code optimization capable
  • Can output assembly code with C source code
  • Supports symbolic debugging
  • Command line interface for programming flash via JTAG
  • Can generate trace files in hex or ASCII format

Description: Part #:  Price: Purchase  
No-limit AQ430, C compiler with integrated Debugger. For all MSP430 Flash Microcontrollers. AQ430 $395


Order processing of MSP430 Flash Microcontroller Development Software:

We take pride in providing the best possible service, so you can rest assured that your order will be promptly processed.

For evaluation purpose Quadravox offers downloadable, full-featured, time-limited versions of their software. We are not responsible for price changes originated by Quadravox

Software is not refundable, once it is unlocked and/or registered. Before ordering, we recommend that you download the full-featured demo version to determine if the software meets your requirements. See How To Order page for additional information.

After your order is processed, a Software Registration String, and instructions on how to download and unlock the software will be emailed to you. The AQ430 4K-limit is the same as the AQ430, but limited to 4K (max) of code. Software support for the AQ430 will be provided by Quadravox.




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