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M-28P-1232 Module (Assembled)

Part #: M-28P-1232

Price: $39.00



EMBEDDEDkits M-28P-1232 Module comes with a pre-installed, Texas Instruments MSP430F1232IDW ultra-low power Microcontroller. The MSP430F1232IDW has 8K of Flash Memory, 256 bytes of SRAM, 22 I/O lines, 16-bit Watchdog Timer, 16-bit Timer, USART, BOR, and an 8-channel, 10-bit ADC.

The module’s unique, operation-selection jumpers, connection options, and designed-in features make it ideal for quick prototyping work, evaluation, or direct use in end-products. Measuring only 2” x 7/8”, it can easily be connected to a Target Board by direct wire attachment, or can be plugged-in a Target Board by using single-row headers and mating sockets (both included). Pads for headers are spaced 0.7" apart. 

A unique feature of the M-28P Module, is the on-board circuitry to generate an Enable/Disable signal for controlling an off-board 3-state buffer.
This jumper-selected feature can be used to prevent possible contention or unwanted interference between the MSP430 Microcontroller shared JTAG lines and external I/O connections, during JTAG control/data exchanges.

Connection between the M-28P-1232, JTAG connector and EMBEDDEDkits JT-EASY is accomplished with cable FFC-10, included with JT-E100A and JT-E100K. EMBEDDEDkits MSP430 M-Series Modules can also be connected to a JTAG Interface Tool like the Texas Instruments MSP-FET430 FET or a compatible tool equipped with a 14-pin IDC-type connector, by using SoftBaugh JFPC Adapter.


      Features and specifications:

  • Small PC-Board, 2” x 7/8”
  • MSP430F1232IDW, 28-pin SOIC Flash Microcontroller
  • Pads for cylindrical or HC49/US or HC49/U type Crystal
  • On-board RC reset jumpers
  • Source of power-in, or Target Board voltage sense-line output selection
  • Enable/Disable line for off-board 3-state buffer
  • 10-pin FFC/FPC JTAG interface connector
  • Pads for direct connection to Target Board, or to headers
  • 0.7" o.c. connection headers pads spacing


      What is included:

  • Assembled and tested PC-Board
  • 14-pin single-row headers
  • 14-pin single-row sockets
  • Operation selection headers
  • Shorting blocks
  • 32.768Khz cylindrical Crystal (not shown)
  • User’s Guide (quick-start, printed version) with  schematic. Download full version from website



M-28 User's Guide
JTAG Connector wiring details
M-28 Schematic

Support Products (optional):

JT-E100A, JTAG Interface Tool (assembled)
JT-E100K, JTAG Interface Tool (kit)


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