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  JT-E100K  Kit
  JT-E100B  PCB only

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  M-28K  Kit
  M-28B  PCB only

  M-20K  Kit
  M-20B  PCB only

 Compilers and

  ImageCraft ICC430
  Quadravox AQ430



 Interface Cables:

  JTAG: IDC-14
  JTAG: FFC-10

  Parallel Port: PPC-25L

 Prototyping Tools:

  Solder Paste 
  Applicator: SPA-3






texas instruments msp430 jtag interface tool, Kit


MSP430 JTAG Interface Tool (Kit)

Part #: JT-E100K

Price: $75.00




JT-E100K is a reduced-features, lower cost version of the JT-E100A, in an easy-to-build Kit form. The Kit version is an ideal, inexpensive, professional-grade learning tool for Electronics or Computer Science students enrolled in Microcontroller or Microprocessor related courses.

It is functionally equivalent to Texas Instruments MSP-FET430 FET Tool, with added designed-in features and modes of operation useful to the Hardware/Firmware development engineer. JT-E100K is compatible with Texas Instruments MSP430 Target Socket Modules (TSM) equipped with a 14-pin (IDC-type) JTAG interface connector. It will also work with SoftBaugh, Olimex or other evaluation boards equipped with a 14-pin (IDC-type) connector or standard 0.1” header, that has the same pin-out connections as the MSP-FET430 FET Tool. EMBEDDEDkits, JTAG Interface Cable FFC-8 can be used with SoftBaugh evaluation systems equipped with an 8-pin, 1-mm (FFC/FPC-type) connector.

JT-E100K is a powerful tool that, when combined with IAR Kickstart (available free) "C" Compiler and Assembler with Texas Instruments MSP430 Tool Software, or other compatible third-party emulation software, can be used as a development platform for MSP430F-based products/systems. When connected to a host PC, it can be used to program or erase the Target Board MSP430 Microcontroller flash memory. It can also be used as an inexpensive production tool to program MSP430F-based end-products.

JT-E100K does not include the AC-Adapter JTE-9VP, and does not include the on-board ON/OFF slide switch, LED Indicator, Target Microcontroller Reset Button (a reset jumper is included instead) and Battery Holder. Target voltage selection is limited to 3.6V or Adjustable. And like the JT-E100A, the Target voltage level can be adjusted from 2.0V to 3.6V at 75mA (max) if the AC-Adapter is used.


      Features and operation options:

  • Controlled via Host PC Parallel Port
  • 3-way powered: PC Parallel Port, AC-Adapter, or Target Board
  • Power source, auto-sense and auto-switch (Parallel port or AC-Adapter) capability
  • User selectable Target voltage level: 3.6V or Adjustable
  • User adjustable Target voltage level: 2.0V to 3.6V
  • On-board voltage regulator: can supply up 3.6V at 75mA (max) with the optional AC-Adapter
  • JTAG Interface control lines Enable/Disable jumpers 
  • Dual JTAG Connector: 14-pin Header and FFC/FPC-type Connector
  • Target Microcontroller Reset Jumper


      What is included:

  • PC-Board w/pre-installed SMT components
  • Kit components
  • FFC-10, 10-wire FFC JTAG Interface Cable
  • PPC-25L, Parallel Port Cable
  • IDC-14, 14-wire IDC-type JTAG Interface Cable
  • User’s Guide (quick-start, printed version) with  schematic
  • Download User's Guide (full version) and Kit Assembly Guide from website

      Minimum required tools and supplies:

  • Soldering Iron (25 to 50W) w/1/16” (max) screwdriver or 1/32" DIA. conical tip
  • Tip cleaner
  • Solder (0.025 DIA. Max) 60/40 or 63/37 rosin, or no-clean core flux
  • Long nose pliers
  • Diagonal cutters
  • Small tip screwdriver
  • Digital or Analog Multimeter w/clip-leads

      Skill level:

  • Some experience with soldering heat sensitive components like Transistors and Diodes




JT-E100K User's Guide
JT-E100K Kit Assembly Guide
JTAG Connectors wiring details

IAR Kickstart

Support Products (optional):

M-28P-1232, MSP430F1232IDW-based Module
M-28O-1232, MSP430F1232IDW-based Module
M-20P-1121A, MSP430F1121AIDW-based Module
M-20O-1121A, MSP430F1121AIDW-based Module
JTE-9VP, AC-Adapter
FFC-8, FFC-type 8-wires JTAG Interface Cable


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