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  JT-E100K  Kit
  JT-E100B  PCB only

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  M-28K  Kit
  M-28B  PCB only

  M-20K  Kit
  M-20B  PCB only

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  ImageCraft ICC430
  Quadravox AQ430



 Interface Cables:

  JTAG: IDC-14
  JTAG: FFC-10

  Parallel Port: PPC-25L

 Prototyping Tools:

  Solder Paste 
  Applicator: SPA-3






MSP430 JTAG Interface Tool (Assembled)

Part #: JT-E100A

Price: $97.00




JT-E100A is a fully-assembled and tested, JTAG Interface Tool for the Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultra-low power Flash Memory Microcontrollers. It is functionally equivalent to Texas Instruments MSP-FET430 FET Tool, with added designed-in features and modes of operation useful to the Hardware/Firmware development engineer. JT-E100A is compatible with Texas Instruments MSP430 Target Socket Modules (TSM) equipped with a 14-pin (IDC-type) JTAG interface connector. It will also work with SoftBaugh, Olimex or other evaluation boards equipped with a 14-pin (IDC-type) connector or standard 0.1” header, that has the same pin-out connections as the MSP-FET430 FET Tool. EMBEDDEDkits, JTAG Interface Cable FFC-8 can be used with SoftBaugh evaluation systems equipped with an 8-pin, 1-mm (FFC/FPC-type) connector.

JT-E100A is a powerful tool that, when combined with IAR Kickstart (available free) "C" Compiler and Assembler with Texas Instruments MSP430 Tool Software, or other compatible third-party emulation software, can be used as a development platform for MSP430F-based products/systems. When connected to a host PC, it can be used to program or erase the Target Board MSP430 Microcontroller flash memory. It can also be used as an inexpensive production tool to program MSP430F-based end-products.


      Features and operation options:

  • Controlled via Host PC Parallel Port
  • 4-way powered: PC Parallel Port, AC-Adapter, Target Board, or on-board Battery
  • Power source, auto-sense and auto-switch (Parallel port or AC-Adapter) capability
  • User selected Target voltage level: 2.8V, 3.3V, 3.6V or Adjustable
  • User adjustable Target voltage level: 2.0V to 3.6V
  • On-board voltage regulator: can supply up 3.6V at 75mA (max) with the AC-Adapter
  • JTAG Interface control lines Enable/Disable jumpers 
  • Dual JTAG Connector: 14-pin Header and FFC/FPC-type Connector
  • AC-Adapter power-present, LED indicator
  • Battery holder for a CR2032, 3V, 20mm battery
  • Target Microcontroller Reset Button
  • ON/OFF slide switch


      What is included:

  • Fully assembled and tested PC-Board
  • FFC-10, 10-wire FFC JTAG Interface Cable
  • IDC-14, 14-wire IDC-type JTAG Interface Cable
  • PPC-25L, Parallel Port Cable
  • JTE-9VP, AC-Adapter
  • User’s Guide (quick-start, printed version) with  schematic. Download full version from website



JT-E100A User's Guide
JTAG Connectors wiring details

IAR Kickstart

Support Products (optional):

M-28P-1232, MSP430F1232IDW-based Module
M-28O-1232, MSP430F1232IDW-based Module
M-20P-1121A, MSP430F1121AIDW-based Module
M-20O-1121A, MSP430F1121AIDW-based Module
FFC-8, FFC-type 8-wires JTAG Interface Cable


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