Maker of low-cost professional-grade MSP430 Development Tools and Modules
All of our PC-Boards are manufactured and assembled in the USA   msp430 development tools and electronic kits





















EMBEDDEDkits is a premier developer and manufacturer of MSP430 Development Tools and Modules, and a provider of consulting services. Our expertise spans across multiple engineering disciplines, with a proven track record for innovative designs, and for solving tough engineering and manufacturing problems for our clients.


ENGINEERING SERVICES (design and development):

  • Analog/Digital Systems
  • Real-Time Embedded Controllers
  • Software/Firmware (High-Level and Assembler)
  • Multi-axis Motion Control
  • High speed Automation
  • Existing Product Redesign/Enhancement
  • Schematic Capture and PC-Board layout
  • Assistance in writing and filing Provisional Patent Applications (PPAs)



  • FDA approved Neuromuscular Stimulators
  • Intelligent Instruments
  • Automotive Instrumentation
  • Gas and Air Quality Monitoring
  • Infrared Temperature Measurement
  • Paper Detection and Paper Quality Monitoring
  • Data Encryption and Decryption
  • Test Fixture Verifiers
  • Voice Recognition
  • Optical Discs (CDs and DVDs) Reconditioning
  • Automated Product Handling and Packaging


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